Memphis Wrestling Throwback

10 04 2010

A couple of years ago over at YMSWWC, I wrote a piece about my top 10 all time favorite Memphis Wrestlers (click here for link) and the response was amazing. From time to time, I will reminisce about the days of Memphis Wrestling (Channel 5 Wrestling as us locals called it). This was as much of my childhood as anything else, and today I will do a quick post on Reggie B. Fine.

Sadly I could not find much, if any, background info on him, but Reggie B. Fine was as great of a smack talker as their was in Memphis Wrestling. His in-ring ability left something to be desired, but he could connect with a crowd like no one’s business. Check out this youtube clip of Reggie B. Fine and WWE Hall of Famer KoKo B. Ware during their feud: