Happy Easter!!!

3 04 2010

I Made It!!!!!

22 03 2010

I have my first post at MoonDog Sports up!!! Check it out at http://moondogsports.com/2010/03/22/the-ole-miss-mascot-conundrum/


8 03 2010

I would like to take a minute to say R.I.P. to the 3 year old hard drive in my MacBook. We shared so many memories (and so many files). I knew originally I said that I wouldn’t post everyday, but man I was not expecting to be without my MacBook either…lol!!!

I wanna send a shout out to everyone who had a hand in getting my MacBook (nicknamed Mac Mane) back up and running…

Random Facts About Me

16 02 2010

1. I had 2 of the most opposite grandmothers ever. They were both kind, but one was just a sweetie. The other was a gun-toting, beer swilling, cussing lady. Guess which one I took after???

2. I really do miss college.

3. I am very blunt. The end.

4. The absolute best place that I have visited is Cabo San Lucas. When I get some money saved, I am retiring there.

5. I enjoy cooking, especially Italian dishes. Part of the reason I have gained so much weight over the years is my affection for pasta (and beer).

6. I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since 1986. Talk about commitment, they went 72-89.

7. I hate Texas BBQ. These people really do not know how to use a grill. Poor cows.

8. My daughter has absolutely changed my life for the better. She is my best friend. Her, and the 12 gauge Winchester for the little hoodlums that will come to my house in a few years to pick her up.

9. For years, my biggest crush was Janet Jackson. But once she got with that midget and showed her teet to all of civilization, I was done.

10. Some of the funniest things I have seen have happened at the strip club. Like the girl wearing a WWJD bracelet, the girl talking on her Cricket phone while dancing, and the tranny that my cousin swore was a girl. He didn’t see the Adam’s apple.

11. One of the best dates I ever went on was Senior Prom. No expectations, just a good time, even though she cussed me out in 10th grade…lol!!!

12. Sports are a great joy in my life. Blogging about sports is even better. I just wish that it paid some money.

13. This is my favorite number. I don’t know why. Maybe because no one else likes it & I wanna be different. Either that, or I am bad luck. Hey, my feng sui & my psychologist disagree.

14. Blazing Saddles & The Empire Strikes Back were the first movies I knew line for line. To this day, if those are on TV, I must watch.

15. I will never forget the last conversation I had with James Banger the month before he died. He was so hopeful and excited. One of those lessons that God wants you to enjoy the time that you have on Earth & the people that you meet. Hard to believe that I hated him in junior high & we became friends in high school.

16. I hated John P. Freeman until the last semester I was there. Then I loved it. But I loved Central & TSU from the moment I stepped foot on campus.

17. I didn’t know George Michael was gay growing up. My sister & I were watching a Wham video & my dad called him gay. I remember saying “He is not gay, he is just British!!!”

18. I still have scars from playing basketball at Orange Mound Park when I was little. If you weren’t bleeding, it wasn’t a foul.

19. For a science experiment (4 years ago), I hid bits of Alka Seltzer in bread so the pigeons would eat it. Hey, the kids in the neighborhood made me do it. Their parents gave me hell for it.

20. My iTunes is diverse. Cameo, Duran Duran, 2Pac, Led Zeppelin, London Symphony Orchestra, Gnarls Barkley, Anthony David, Miles Davis, Coldplay, Benny Benassi, etc. Hip-hop died 6 years ago, RIP.

21. I love talking politics (thus the degree in Poly-Sci) but cannot stand people who are so one sided on everything that they dismiss opposing points of view. Like Ann Coulter for instance. Someone please feed that woman a ham & pork chop sandwich with cheese & bacon on top and a side salad.

22. Text messaging is my bff. That and facebook. Sad these are my primary means of communication.

23. I am a member of the NRA. I believe in my right to bear arms in a responsible manner.

24. Come to think about it, some of the funniest moments of my life have also happened in church. I will never forget 3 years ago a lady was running around church & her skirt got caught on one of the pews. Of course, it came off and her lace thongs were showing. All of the men shouted, “PRAISE GOD!!!”

25. I have given Kenneth Cole thousands of dollars over the years for clothes and shoes. He owes me. I want my stimulus.